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        2. High-end antique brick

          We always pursue the elegance of fashion and pure tranquility, which is the representative work of archaize brick

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          BIG BOARD ERA Decorate your life with art

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          Product line


        3. Brand introduction

          aomeikang ceramics

          Foshan aomeikang Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a sales company dedicated to building ceramics. At present, the company has experienced high-quality marketing personnel. 

           Adhering to the "service first, customer first" business philosophy. Perfect after-sales service is a big move of olmecon in the fierce market competition! Aomeikang will strive to provide customers with the most perfect products! 

          Aomeikang ceramics have novel style, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, strong resistance, durability, and other high-quality characteristics. Make people in the use of the process to get a detached extraordinary beauty!


          Application case


          Investment promotion


          Six major policy support, five major franchise advantages, simple franchise process, so that you can easily join worry free business